Tann's School Backpacks


School is an exciting journey where you need many different necessary things
We offer you the iconic backpacks on wheels from the French company Tann's.

2 large compartments, 1 or 2 zippered pockets on the front, an inside zippered pocket, laminated compartments for the timetable and the child's name, a special compartment for the ruler provides space for everything your child needs.

The backpacks are waterproof, equipped with double wheels, retractable handle, reinforcement under the bag, comply with European environmental standards ReACH.
Reflective elements are integrated on the front, sides and shoulder straps for added safety.
With these backpacks, children will feel like real travelers and their parents will be relaxed about their safety.

Dimensions: 38x37x20.
Minimum order quantity 10 pieces.
The average weight is approximately 21.0 kg.

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